A year in pictures 2013

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Commercial Photographer Manchester a year in review : 2013

Wow! Another year has just buzzed by and after a very busy year of photography assignments, I find it fascinating to look back through the databases of images and pull out images that mean something to me. I love thinking about improving the images, putting myself back into the scenario and imagining what I might do different this time around. What lights I'd change, what perspectives would work better. Self reflection and the ability to deconstruct the scenes elements is key to creating better images. By its very nature, its always easy to shoot the same scene again to improve it, so I try to learn as much as possible from old shots and take that forward into the new ones.

Below is a small selection of images from my projects as involving automotive photography and construction photography, and when I have one of my varied specialist photography hats on as a healthcare photographer, prospectus photographer and all round science geek. I hope you like them, looking back at your own photos what would you have done differently to improve them?

This new year is set to be one of my best yet, so I'm truly excited by the possibilities that a new shoot or unknown projects produces. Can't wait to find out.

Liking is appreciating, sharing is caring. Feel free to do both. Until next time.