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Civil Engineering & Construction Photographers, we predominately cover Manchester and the North West region, but for many of our larger construction clients, we travel throughout the UK to photograph new and on-going builds.

Being experienced professional project photographers we understand that construction and civil engineering work is often about building dreams, but when the work is still in progress most people only see the dirt, the dust, and inconvenience.

As professional project photographers, we help companies in the built environment demonstrate how their plans are progressing to help key investors enthused, excited, and focused on the final result. Providing investors progress information in a visual form can be a key factor in creating a library of image assets to help to secure contract bids. The construction photographers at Greg Harding Photography understand this from their extensive 15 years experience shooting multiple construction projects.

See our guide to how we work with our clients from conception through to image delivery.

Whether your project is constructing, renovating, or refurbishing, we've lots of on-site experience delivering images from a broad spectrum of construction projects. We've been involved in long 4/5 year hospital construction sites, short one-off contracts with schools, residential property builders, crane & concrete suppliers, steel manufacturers, principle contractors, and architects. One of our long term and exciting projects involves the photography and videography of a power station construction in Manchester. It's was an impressive and ambitious construction project that aimed to capture the progress over a 36 month period. Our centralised position in the North West makes us an obvious choice for construction projects based in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, and the surrounding Cheshire and North West region.

Whatever your location or your marketing project you may have - education, residential, commercial, civil, or industrial, we cover your project from inception through to completion. We understand the unique challenge our your project's preparation, tieing in with the key phases of your projects build and capturing the site in periods of high activity. We don't just photograph the engineering and construction aspects of your project, we look for the human effort, we highlight the ability of your designers to blend the form of the building into the surrounding area and highlight beautiful moments in the build that capture the imagination and provide hero images that will forever immortalise your work. To truly inspire your stakeholders we offer a time-lapse photography service, this captures your activity across a long time sequence, a whole day, multiple days, weeks, and months to show off the activity and see the build progress shortened into a quick video sequence.

One of our increasingly popular services is construction site aerial capture. Using the very latest in UAV or drone technology, we are able to capture a breath-taking aerial perspective that will truly transform how your site is viewed. We'll show how your project sits within its immediate surroundings and how the light plays across the uppermost surface of the buildings. These stunning views are captured for a fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter or aeroplane.

Longley Group
We capture images of beam and block flooring being installed. Beam and block close-ups. Wide shots of the installation of beams, including equipment and people.
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We provide on going construction and civil engineering photography for all the construction phases of the power station at Carrington. Provide monthly fixed position photography of the site, construction imagery to cover all the technical aspects of the site's development through to completion, and any press related PR imagery.
View project
We visited a construction site in Stoke on Trent, capturing the process of installing the Polypipe, Polystorm, and Permachannel material into the site.
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Morgan Sindall
We captured the restoration and internal support works at the Oldham Old Town Hall project, undertaken by construction firm Morgan Sindall.
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JohnSutch Photography
We worked with John Sutch Cranes on their restoration project planned at St Georges Hall in Liverpool.
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You can see further portfolio examples of our construction photography gallery 2 and gallery 3. See our guide to how we work with our clients through to image delivery. On-site progress construction photography records not just the construction itself, but also captures the people who all play their part in bringing drawings and sketches to life.


1) Do you have a CSCS card?
We've passed the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) site visitor exam (yellow card). So straight after we've completed your site induction we'll be safe to start capturing great construction photos for you. This is valid for 5 years.

2) Have you any other construction site qualifications?
We've also taken training for 'Working at Height' certification which includes the safe use of harnesses and lanyards. This certification is valid for 3 years.

3) Do you have your own PPE - personal protective equipment?
Yes we do. We have all the necessary equipment to undertake your work safely i.e (hard hats, gloves, steel boots, high vis vests and safety specs). Please note: we do not carry any harnesses or fall arrest equipment.

4) Can you provide case-study examples of working with other construction companies?
We certainly can. Click here to see our work with clients; ESBMorgan Sindall, Longley GroupPolypipe & John Sutch Cranes.

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