FAQ’s about our Professional Photography

Below you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Professional Photography service:

What sort of work do you do?

We specialise in commercial photography for the Science, Healthcare, Education and Construction sectors.  However, our professional photographers are regularly asked to cover projects in commercial, industrial, corporate and architectural photography. Please note: we are not wedding photographers.

How much do you charge for professional photography?

Please see the rates and charges page.

Are there any hidden additional charges?

Based on the brief from the client, we are 100% confident that the quote provided will reflect the final cost. However should additional services and/or images be requested which will significantly alter the supplied quote, we will advise you of the changes before proceeding.

Do you just work locally to the North West or are you able to travel around the UK and abroad?

Our professional photographers are willing and able to work where ever your work is. We’ve had projects up and down the UK, so if you’re willing to pay for travel we’ll handle your project.

Can you do post-processing and how is it charged?

Yes, we can and generally do. Post-processing is a very broad heading, so this is split into 2 categories. ‘Basic’ post-processing (levels, exposure and colour adjustments, sharpening etc), this is included in all quotes as standard.  ‘Advanced’ manipulation consists of the removal or inclusion of major parts of the image, skies, doors, people, etc. This can be very time consuming and so each image is discussed with the client and costed separately to the original estimate. This way the client can control the amount of manipulation and keep a handle on costs.

What equipment do you use?

For our professional photography, we use a range of professional digital equipment chosen to suit the project’s specifications, we only ever use the highest quality lenses. Camera equipment is only a small part of the capture process so we use a mixture of professional studio lighting and available ambient light.

How many images do I get from a half-day or full-day shoot?

This is very much dependent on the complexity of the job, co-operation on the shoot, and distance between the various areas that we’re asked to work in. Generally speaking, we can provide between 20-30 images on a half-day shoot and between 50-60 on a full day shoot. We’ll give you a better idea of how many images are possible on your shoot after discussing the brief with you.

How quickly will I get to see the images after the shoot?

A ‘raw’ web proofing gallery is sent through to you within 2 days of the shoot. A rush service can be provided, but comes with an additional service charge.

How will my images get delivered?

After shooting your project, the images will be uploaded to a bespoke password-protected web proofing gallery. At this stage you can feedback any comments or alterations that you’d like to happen to any of the images prior to the project completion. After the enhancements have been completed, your images can be provided via electronic download, FTP, CD or DVD. We can email the images, but at full resolution the images are usually too big to go through most email clients.

Do you have any sort of insurance cover?

Greg Harding Photography has public liability insurance to £5 million and we also have professional indemnity insurance to the value of £250,000.

More about Greg Harding Professional Photography

If you have any questions that we did not answer, please feel free to contact us.  If you are interested in the type of projects that we’ve completed, view our online professional photography gallery.