Clinical, Dental & Healthcare Photographer

It’s not just the commercial life science businesses or science parks that benefit from a professional healthcare photographer. Private hospitals and the more independent NHS Foundation Trusts understand that patient-focused images are an essential component of marketing communications, whether for a treatment information leaflet or to create a “wow factor” impression in your reception area.

Health Centres and large GP Practices also understand that as some treatments are provided more conveniently for patients closer to home, the need to engage more fully with them increases. Websites and brochures can effectively showcase the services provided, hiring a creative photographer brings the professionalism alive.

Dental surgeries know that using real patients in their marketing is one of the best ways of promoting their treatments to patients. Strong images that say “I’m happy with my smile” convey confidence more than words ever can.

Care homes and residential nursing homes appreciate that when people are looking for the right facility for the needs of their loved ones, the environment and attitude of staff are most important. Photography is a powerful way of letting families understand your approach to patient care before they’ve even stepped through your door.

From the private Bridgewater Hospital and the NHS Bristol Royal Hospital for Children to The Dental Team and Manchester Fertility Services, as a previously qualified Medical Illustrator of 15 years, Greg and his team are ideally placed to work with all healthcare providers. Having an enhanced CRB clearance means that work with young people and vulnerable adults is done in a safe and dignified manner at all times.

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