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Prospectus photographer & Videographer

As a specialist prospectus photographer, we work with Universities, Colleges and Schools to create compelling prospectus images which raise parental confidence, attract students and encourage them to find out more about you.

Education today is extremely competitive (especially in the University sector) – from student enrolment to recruiting the highest calibre teachers; from attracting financial support to gaining increased community appreciation. Your prospectus photography and website imagery can be ‘the’ deciding factor when choosing which educational institute to send their child too.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

We can help you portray a learning environment that not only allows pupils to flourish but where careers thrive too.

Professional prospectus images provide that clear marketing edge and will demonstrate your school’s commitment to education and learning far better than words alone can.

Greg Harding Photography + Video understands that today’s students and teachers are extremely web savvy – even before visiting your education facility, prospective families will have visited your website, been on your social feeds and downloaded your prospectus. We know first impressions count.

If you can clearly demonstrate – in both words and pictures – that you offer an exciting learning environment, you can confidently expect more students and parents to engage with you.

Talented, creative, resourceful...

Greg is one of those rare photographers that can turn his hand to almost any task. Not only is the visual output exceptional, but the very nature of the way he works is cooperative, flexible and makes the whole process easy to manage. In short, It’s always a pleasure to work with him and receive images that are always on brief and really meet our requirements.

John Reynolds - Creative Director / Director

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