Corporate and commercial videographer

Good commercial photography can achieve outstanding imagery for clients, but sometimes you need to pull back and see the bigger picture.

We work closely with a fully licensed (CAA) and insured drone pilot and videographer to capture high definition footage from work across the North West for high performance, blue chip organisations. Here you can see how we helped ESB (one of our construction and civil engineering clients) at a power station site in Manchester. This video features UAV / drone video capture.

You can watch some of our incredible commercial videography from Manchester based healthcare innovation company: ProtelHealth, featuring the Possum product.

Online business

Videography is essential for any business with an online presence, because it keeps you at the top of a rapidly moving technology curve. It gets your message across more effectively than many other traditional advertising tools.

The finished result will bring together a powerful, persuasive and engaging way of marketing your business, tailored to suit your budget.

Short films

Video is that natural progression for those involved in the construction and civil engineering environment. Commercial videography professionally creates short films that demonstrate the sheer scale and intensity of your projects, in the early excavation stages or from the ground up to showcase finished work with a new perspective.

Bringing experience to life

Videos for those in the healthcare, independent living and clinical trials industries are ideal for demonstrating the impact of their work.

Highlighting the processes in a patient’s journey is brought to life with an expertly scripted short film, showing a better way of living with your product or service that is so much clearer when created by a professional videographer.

Here you can see how we helped one of our Nottingham clinical clients – Quotient journey/screening video

Product Launch

Launching a new product can be costly and potentially confusing for businesses. Video can launch any product, with clear and direct instructions on use and effectiveness, that can be shown to clients worldwide. 

We work in the automotive industry, producing videos for product launches, conferences and testing facilities. Follow the links to see our work. SUV Unlimited Tyre launch, Reifen Conference in Essen and MIRA GT Radial

Your company’s brand is one of the most important aspects of your marketing plan; how you get that across to current and prospective clients should be the essence of your commercial video or film.

Our expert team of commercial photographers and videographers means that from the initial scripting through to post-production editing you can be confident that your brand is brought to life, whether through a promotional video for a product launch or capturing the energy at a business conference.

Confused by the world of online video content? We can make it simple for you.


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