Alfred H Knight - Scientific Analysis

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We visited Alfred H Knight to capture their brand new Copper Analysis laboratory.

The facilities at this new laboratory are first rate. Modern, clean, and packed with lots of science, research, and analytical equipment. It was difficult to know where to start as we walked around doing our first reccy of the place. Each room yielding more and more exciting machines and apparatus.

We reverted back to the client brief and tackled each of the action points one at a time. We split the day into half day photography and half day videography. I find this works best when moving between disciplines as I can focus the mind into the mode fully without having to jump in and out of either video or stills.

"We hired Greg for photography and videography of a new laboratory.

He goes out of his way to get the best shots. Would highly recommend Greg and hope to soon him again soon." - AHK Marketing & Communications Manager