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Peter Alderslade - British Ploughing Champion

While working with Continental Agricultural Tyres capturing case study videos, part of the brief was to provide some 'Hero' style images of Peter Alderslade alongside his trusty Valtra tractor that has bought him such success. Based in Northumberland he's an arable farmer and current British ploughing champion in the reversible class. The images were captured […]

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Surgeon corporate portraits

Photography in Manchester is always risky in terms of weather. You book a shoot and cross your fingers, hoping for good weather. With most clients, we have a fallback plan just in case the rain shows...again.On this particular day, the rain was in full dominance, so we executed Plan B. The main drive of the […]

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Product photography - Sea3 Trial Frames

We received a product photography commission from an online retailer of the trial frames by Sea3. The client had been using imagery captured by themselves and whilst the images showed the product, the background was distracting and the images didn't demonstrate the product's build quality or show the viewer clearly enough the specifics of the […]

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Alfred H Knight - Scientific Analysis

We visited Alfred H Knight to capture their brand new Copper Analysis laboratory. The facilities at this new laboratory are first rate. Modern, clean, and packed with lots of science, research, and analytical equipment. It was difficult to know where to start as we walked around doing our first reccy of the place. Each room […]

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Light painting ClubSport 40 - car photography

Below is a recent photoshoot with a Volkswagon Golf GTI ClubSport 40. This shoot was of particular interest to me as I'd been looking forward to an opportunity to develop my light painting skills. We scoped out several areas and had to wait for the ambient light levels to drop to the point where the […]

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Oldham College Key Workers

Construction apprentice photography Oldham College recently ran a fresh recruitment campaign to promote its student involvement and demonstrating its strong links to industry. We've all witnessed how key workers have become revered through this pandemic and the campaign capitalises on the ability of Oldham College to produce the next generation of Hero workers. On this […]

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iPhone camera vs Specialist Photographer

iPhone pics are brilliant quality right? And a lot cheaper than hiring a specialist construction professional photographer, so why bother? Whilst, of course, I’m biased, there’s a strong case why you shouldn’t be delegating photography to your site team or to the person in the office who’s a keen amateur.  The fact is, if you […]

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Three reasons your construction project needs an onsite, specialist photographer

Is this something you do as routine with your projects? In my experience, firms approach site photography in the following ways: Those that are sold on the value of specialist photography and video from the start of a project to completion.  Those that book a generalist photographer ad hoc to do a selection of photos […]

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PR photography - HGD

A recent PR photography job (commissioned by Polaris Media Management) took me to the UK Headquarters for Hero Global Design. Indian owned 'Hero Cycles', is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of bicycles, and they've put down roots in Manchester with the introduction of their global design center. It was here that I was asked to capture some […]

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