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Bristol Docks Walkabout

Industrial Architecture Just a quick post while I'm on a break and visiting the folks. I love walking around working shipping docks. Loads of great photo opportunities with heavy industrial machinery and Bristol has this in spades. Here's just a quick couple of iPhone pics processed through my current favorite photo app Dynamic light. I […]

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Corporate Sports Portraiture

Portrait of a squash star : Laura Massaro Getting the opportunity to photograph anyone who's at the top of their game is something I can rarely pass upon. So when interior design specialists Whitespace Consultants offered me the chance to photograph a World Class Squash player I immediately said "hell yeah!". In my youth, I […]

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Clinical Trials Recruitment

Clinical trials & Pharmaceutical photography Clinical research & pharmaceutical companies rely on good marketing images if they're going to attract volunteers onto pharmaceutical drug trials, it's their life blood. Click the above image to see more from the shoot. Over the previous few months I’ve been working closely with a healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing agency […]

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SanDisk ImageMate USB 3 vs Lexar Firewire 400 Reader

I recently purchased the new SanDisk Imagemate to upgrade from my old dedicated Lexar Professional Firewire 400 CF reader. The thought was to move away from the FW400 ports that are no longer supported on my iMac and into some new USB 3 technology. Now I know the iMac only has USB 2 ports, but […]

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Time for a review

It's the start of the year again and the previous year in particular has just flashed by (no pun intended). This is the perfect milestone to take stock of some of the challenging projects that have shaped and developed my work in 2011. My experience as a professional photographer is that once the images have […]

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Light Painting Photography | Lighting interior spaces

Reverberation room & Anechoic chamber photography Creating the appearance of sound using a 'light painting' photographic technique One of the best things about being an experienced commercial photographer is the ability to see beyond the physical and to dream up exciting concepts that have a wow factor for the client. This project was no different, […]

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Hard Science

Just a quick update post to let you know what I've been doing with my time lately. As you all know by now, I get my kicks and giggles from photographing cool technology, scientific gadgets and amazing structures. My last photography project for the University of Salford (UoS) ticked lots of those boxes and I […]

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Professional Portrait Photographers: Greg Harding Photography

On-location corporate portraiture The professional portrait photographers at Greg Harding Photography understand that time is money and work to minimise the disruption to your working day. That’s why we bring the studio to you. All the benefits of high quality, professional grade corporate portraiture, but cost effective and time efficient. Click here to view our […]

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I'm a story-teller, not a photographer

O.k so it begins, the difficult first blog. After much planning, collecting content and agonising over what I could/should/would write about, I find myself reflecting on how starting a blog isn't so different to how I tell a story with images. Fundamentally, this is how I approach all my shots. For me the only way a picture works […]

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