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The dawning of a new power

Aerial photography and video with Greg Chivers Two new experiences at Greg Harding Photography happened over the last weekend. The first one was getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning to go to work. I can assure you that I'm not unfamiliar with early starts (I've got kids), but going to work at 4am is […]

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Capturing the process of installing Permachannel

Polypipe Construction It feels like construction is really booming at present, here at GHP we're seeing a lot more work from the construction and industrial sectors. We've been working up and down the country, high & low (more of that later), on multiple projects over the last few months. We spent the day with them recording and capturing […]

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What did teaching photography to Yr 6 students teach me

Teaching photography to Yr 6 students Back in June I was invited to teach some photography basics to some Yr 6 primary school students. It was from a school that I'd created school prospectus photos with in 2014 and while they were really pleased with the images produced, they were impressed with my ease of interactivity with their pupils, […]

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Giti Xperience automotive video production

Automotive video production for Giti Xperience Day As well as stills production we were commissioned to capture a short video that summarises the GT Radial Xperience at MIRA. Big thanks to GHP's videographer and editor Cat Lamoon for pulling the footage together. We've got another shoot already booked in Barcelona in September so look out […]

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Complimenting your brand values

Relaxed non-corporate headshots A recent shoot with an Altrincham based marketing agency challenged Greg Harding Photography to provide some relaxed style corporate head-shots, packed with personality and character. The agency has a very relaxed non-corporate feel so the challenge was to reflect this brand style with the imagery too. After a little rearranging of the office […]

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Photography from the MIRA proving ground

I feel the need, the need for speed. Wow, it's been seriously busy for the last few months. Apologies for not posting on here for a while, so it's high time time to post a few updates. Recently I spend nearly two weeks shooting for global tyre manufacturer 'Giti' (they own a good many brands including GT Radial […]

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Handling extreme exposures

Processing your way out of under-exposure It's a pretty interesting life as a photographer. Life has a way of testing your skills and your clients look to you to pluck a masterpiece out of extreme lighting conditions.   The recent solar eclipse took place when I was out on a construction site in Manchester. Of course I knew it […]

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Email marketing at your own peril

Stepping too close to the marketing edge can be lethal I recently received a marketing promo email from Canon and although they're usually interesting, I found this particular one pretty appalling. See email below.   As a photographer working in the construction sector, I'm particularly aware of the risks of capturing images in dangerous, difficult and […]

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Photographer IT woes

Photographer vs Computer These days surviving as a photographer isn't just about taking snazzy pictures, you've got to know your way around a myriad of software and be able to hold your own against the ever complex (they call them user friendly, lol.) computers. I recently came across a computer issue that took a bit of working […]

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