Brooks - Life Science Systems

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We’ve been working alongside Brooks Life Science Systems to cover all their imaging needs. They brought us in due to our firm mix of creativity and scientific grounding.

At their superb Manchester HQ they manufacture fascinating products for the Life Sciences, Cryogenics and Semiconductors sectors. To the laymen this amounts to specialist robotic storage containers holding and being able to retrieve 'on demand' millions of samples at sub zero temperatures; in some of their products down to -80°C.

Recently we’ve provided imagery of products from their stores and production lines to further enhance their marketing assets and update the new website (coming soon).

This shoot was particularly challenging due to the poor internal lighting (robots don't need decent lighting) and due to the high capacity of bio-storage units there's very little space inside to allow for a wide range of movement. This does limit the creative composition and adds additional difficulty in placing or trying to hide supplementary lighting. We turned to using multiple lightweight speed-lights and controlling the ambient light levels by dragging the shutter.

The result, I feel depicts the linear space that these robots work in and portrays the high volume capacity of the sample stores. I'm just pleased with the images and only too happy that they weren't switched on at the time. Brrrr.


Here’s a few examples of the types of products photographed and from the Bio-stores and sample stores. They make for some 'Matrix' style viewing and a challenging environment to get creative in.