A quick tip for multiple camera batteries

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The importance of battery covers.

Preparing for a photography shoot is an important part of the creative process, so is there a good way of distinguishing between fully charged and discharged camera batteries?

Yes there is. So long as you've kept those silly little plastic battery covers that comes with your camera kit.


There's nothing more annoying than reaching into the camera bag to replace a spent battery only to find out that the new battery is also flat. So how you tell if the battery is charged.

Here's a simple tip. Clip the battery cover on and you'll notice a little battery symbol cut out of the plastic. Now here's the clever bit. If you're old enough to remember 5x4 darkroom slides (like me), then you had a choice between white or black to denote whether the dark slide was loaded unexposed or loaded and exposed. This is the same for your battery cover. Swing the cover around and you'll be able to chose between blue and black show thorough colours from the battery back.

I tend to plump for 'blue' to show the battery as fully charged and black being discharged.

So dig out those little bits of plastic and start using them, oh and they're also pretty good at helping protect the contacts on those loose batteries too. Double joy.

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