Carrington Power Station

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Official photography service to ESB's - Carrington Power Station

Back in July Ireland based energy company: Electricity Supply Board (ESB) contacted me in regard to supplying photography services for a 3 year construction project based in Carrington, Manchester.

ESB interviewed a number other local photographic services, but finally awarded Greg Harding Photography with the Carrington Power photography contract. After the pitch, I asked for some feedback, this is really important win or lose and they were impressed by the quality, creativity and flexibility of the photography service we offer.

Being chosen as the official photographic supplier to a large multi-year contract is a great win, so expect good things from this project in the coming months.

Construction project overview: Construction contractors Alstom are the contractors tasked to supply the electromechanical equipment for the new Carrington Power gas-fired power station. The power station will have a total output of 880 megawatts, that's about enough power for around a million homes. It's a huge logistical undertaking as the build takes place on the site of the old power station, so the site has to be mapped and cleared prior to any real work starting. The project is scheduled to complete in 2016.

Since our first reccy on site, we've been capturing images to show construction site progress and we've concentrated our efforts on providing other images that demonstrate ESB's commitment to overseeing the build of the power station with precision and passion. The majority of the photography work for ESB is aimed at raising its profile in the UK, building awareness of the great work happening and capturing the development of the construction site to use for PR opportunities and external communication to the local communities.

Needless to say it's a massive photographic project and we're thrilled to be part of the ESB team. As the construction continues, we'll be sharing more images to keep you updated as the site changes.

We're extremely proud to have won such a big contract, in such tough times and up against some very talented and competitive photography services. Here's a small taster of a few images from the last couple of site visits to wet your appetite for future construction posts.

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