AMEC Foster Wheeler


Client: AMEC Foster Wheeler

The brief:

To provide visually stunning images of some new and old processes/services. The current stock of marketing imagery is tired and had been well used. Images will be used to refresh the library and begin to re-populate with some 'high impact' 'people specific' imagery.

Execution and Delivery:

Prior to the shoot we completed a reccie at their NorthWest headquarters, where we discussed opportunities and any potential issues that might hinder a good photo shoot. We spoke about the health and safety implications and undertook a pre-site induction. On the shoot we used Elinchrom Quadra packs (portable studio flash), supplemented with smaller flashguns to add a rim to provide a clean, bright and stylised look. As with a lot of government or institutional buildings, they have a certain 60's / 70's look that tends to dominate the scene. We focused on minimising wider scenes, precluding backgrounds as much as possible and controlled the perspective to create an engaging narrative.


This is a short selection from the final images provided to the client.

Tear sheets

The images were very well received. AMEC have recently used some of these images in their internal magazine 'The Beacon'.

AMEC_Beacon Front Cover