Biofortuna - photography case study

Client: Biofortuna

The brief: Biofortuna are looking to produce a library of images to be used in marketing materials. We're currently using stock images on the website some of which are not accurate/relevant to what we do. We're looking to showcase the facilities and the services we currently offer. Image locations production labs, R&D labs, and product photography.


Prior to the shoot, we met up at their HQ to talk through the brief, understand their brand values, and style the shoot. We started to plan and to walk through the shoot with the client in the production and R&D labs. It was at this stage we were able to offer further ideas about the creative possibilities that we could bring to the shoot. The lab spaces are highly restricted clean areas, so we had to plan the shoot at a time when the lab wasn't in full production. We returned a couple of weeks later and undertook the planned works. The staff took direction well, most of the time we like to photograph the staff whilst they are actively working. Watching for moments in their activities that would make a good creative piece and asking them to pause momentarily at that point. In this instance the lab wasn't in production, so we had a free run to recreate the activities in each area and to manipulate the scene slightly. We're always conscious that anyone featuring in the shoot is wearing the correct PPE and undertaking any work that would hold up against peer review. In the R&D area, there was a  more relaxed approach to the PPE, as not all the tasks involve full PPE, so some of the images reflect this.


Here follows a small selection of pictures provided to the client.

Client feedback:

"Thanks for yesterday, we got plenty of good shots that will allow us to give a great impression of our brand going forward. It was great to watch somebody obviously very good at what they do."

Screenshot from their website.

Behind the scenes:

Here's a little movie to show the way the shoot went on the day and the style of interaction that went on.