Cambridge Academic Performance

Cambridge Academic Performance

Client: Cambridge Academic Performance

The brief: To provide a promotional video, to be used for marketing and advertising purposes.

Execution: To promote a professional performance coaching service, helping students to perform in their studies and succeed in their lives.

We worked collaboratively with the team at CAP, to address issues that many students need support bridging both study support and personal development disciplines. Created in 2013, Cambridge Academic Performance is a response to this need. They are a social enterprise, independent from universities, colleges, and schools and they are completely confidential.

Pre-production involved meetings to create a suitable script; clearly defining the aims of the business and the correct message to portray to these vulnerable individuals.

Filming was carried out within the ‘Social Incubator’ at the heart of Cambridge business development and learning. During filming we interviewed a range of individuals who all had a passion for student-centred support, ranging from the President of the Student Minds in Cambridge, to the Cambridge University TEDx Team Lead. Post production brought all these different facets of support in Cambridge together and created the correct message to offer students at all levels of their academic career.

We used the skills of a professional voiceover, to enhance the professionalism of the video and a soundtrack to bring the footage into one complete production.