Cancer Research Technology - science photography case study

Cancer Research Technology

Client: Cancer Research Technology

The brief

CRT-DL has now transitioned from being a universal CRUK resource (providing support to CRUK’s scientists and the other drug discovery units) to being entirely focused on forming drug discovery partnerships with biotech and pharmaceutical partners.

We have commissioned this photo shoot so that the images we use on the CRT-DL microsite represent our science and the ingenuity and dedication of our own researchers at work.  The images will be primarily used on a microsite, to promote the activities of our in-house laboratories: CRT’s Discovery Laboratories (CRT-DL). They will also be used on other promotional materials by both CRT and our parent organisation, Cancer Research UK.

Execution and Delivery:

Working in laboratories, especially 'live' labs can be very challenging. The staff are constantly juggling the needs of the photo-shoot against the need to continue with their important and often 'time-sensitive' projects. It's necessary to understand this and not to force or impose the shoot onto their busy day. A relaxed and flexible manner is how we approach each new area, as it can be pretty disconcerting when a film crew rolls into your lab. We often fit in with the current work being undertaken and photograph a particular activity or ask them to just pause momentarily whilst we catch the shot needed. Communication is key when building trust with small niche science teams. Getting staff on your side and engaged with an easy rapport can make a huge difference when trying to capture 'relaxed' looking staff. We worked closely with the marketing lead on this project and tailored the shoot to fit in with each teams busy schedules.

The brief was all about delivering a natural, relaxed, look and feel, so for lighting we worked very close to the natural ambient level in the labs, occasionally just accenting the ambient with flash to freshen the highlights and lift the shadows.


This is a short selection from the final images provided to the client.

Tear sheets & client feedback

"The photos look fantastic thank you, I am really pleased with how they have come out.

I think you’ve captured a really good mix of shots. 

We’ve had some great feedback from staff about the photos so thanks again!"

Katie Worthing - Marketing Manager, Cancer Research Technology

Many of these images have been widely used already, other examples of the images being used can be seen by visiting their microsite.