Hargreaves Ducting & Ventilation

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Client: Hargreaves

Hargreaves are based in Bury, Lancashire and have over 140 years of experience in the manufacturing of components for a wide range of projects in areas of Nuclear, Industrial, Commercial and Specials. Hargreaves are a long standing company supplying high quality bespoke ducting and high capacity ventilation to the specialist construction sectors.

The brief:

At our initial creative meeting, a large emphasis was placed on updating the style of their imagery. Most of the existing stock was taken sometime ago and looked dated. With extended use the images had exhausted their marketing potential. 

Hargreaves required a modern new photographic style; moving away from heavy lighting and colour accents to a more natural, documentary or casual reportage look and feel. We needed to emphasise their manufacturing excellence and feature the extensive experience and quality precision of their staff.

Execution and Delivery:

Prior to the shoot we completed a reccie at their NorthWest headquarters where we viewed their manufacturing facilities across two sites. We spoke about the health and safety limitations of the environment and undertook a pre-site induction.

On the day of the shoot we used mostly natural light, supplementing the scenes with smaller flash lighting to add balance or the occasional hard rim to provide a clean, bright and contemporary look. We focused on controlling the perspective. Choosing strong compositions to frame the action and using the fabrication pieces to add detail, texture and context to draw the viewer in and add impact to the image. 


This is a short selection from the final images provided to the client. 

Client feedback:

"Thank you so much for coming in Greg. These photos look great! I'm really happy with them." - Helen - Marketing and Business Development Coordinator