Hughes Safety Showers – Case Study

hughesClient: Hughes Safety Showers

Image context and usage

We were commissioned by the marketing professional at Hughes-Safety in Stockport to capture some unusual and creative product imagery. They had general product images which consisted of a mixture of studio and 3d renders but were keen to show the products on location and more importantly being deployed.

We met with the client prior to the shoot to understand their image objectives. We recc’ed the location and advised them on the suitability of each location, highlighting any areas that required additional consideration prior to the shoot.

Here’s the brief as summarised by the client.

PhotoShoot – 8th September 2016

1200L Tank Shower (against railings – tarmac factory in distance)

– Showing “remote” location

– Stepping inside

– Activating foot panel/Activating panic bar

– Close ups of optional fittings – alarm etc?

– Using eye/facewash

– Action shot under shower

45G Eye/Facewash (testing area)

– Lid open/lid closed/on pedestal

– Water flow

– Activating and in use – holding eyes open

TC-100 (testing area)

– Generic product imagery

– Water flowing

– Activating and in use

Self-drainer – 18G/45G (behind old photography studio)

– Generic product imagery – with shower rose and with nozzle

– Water flowing (may need to do this in testing area)

– Activating and in use


– Being manoeuvred / different locations to show mobility

– Water flowing

– Activation and in use

Time permitting – Factory/Building

– Outside – signage

– Through shutters

– Close ups of engineers working on showers

– General factory shots/line-up of products etc

Items to prepare: PPE/Clothing – ordered where necessary to arrive Wednesday

– Lab coats

– Hi-vis jackets

– Heavy duty trousers/jeans

– Hard hats

– Suitable footwear

We estimated that this work would take a day of photography, but some contingency would be required should the weather prove unsuitable for the shoot.


On the day of the shoot we provided a 2 man team (photographer and assistant). Having an assistant on the shoot allows us to break down and reset the lighting smoothly and quickly, reducing the down time between set ups. This enables us to spend more time getting creating and less time focussing on gear.


All on-location photography projects have specific challenges, this project was no different.

Warehouse Interior: Poor lighting, fluorescents and ambient mixed

Products are glossy and direct lighting causes huge hot spots.

The weather was very variable with bright sun and heavy clouds. This causes big swings in exposure values.

The products design and purpose is to release copious amounts of water, rapidly soaking the immediate vicinity.

As professional location photographers we’ve many years of experience overcoming these difficulties. We used soft indirect lighting to create form and shape without sacrificing quality or producing unsightly hotspots from direct flash. Most of our equipment is weather sealed and resistant to some water. However, given the large quantity of water that was released at each activation we had to be very careful to keep batteries and flash units out of reach of any water.


Here’s a small gallery of images from the final set provided to the client.


Client feedback:

“Loving the images, as is our designer who is working on the new catalogue! We’ve used them on social, in journals….so all is great! – Greg made what is essentially an unsexy, industrial product come to life. We’ve got some great product shots and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.” – Wendy – Marketing manager

Behind the scenes:

Here’s a few images and video clips from the day of the shoot and post-production thoughts.