Innospec Specialty Chemicals – Photography case study

innospecClient: Innospec Chemicals

Image context and usage

Innospec is a global specialty chemicals company focused on bringing innovative new technologies to market combined with a fast and responsive service. The images generated will be used in a Sustainability report, the current library of images is supported by stock imagery and we’d like to move away from this and come up with our own style. Split across two Liverpool based industrial sites, we will split the shoot across two days of shooting to cover the first wave of image requirements some external and internal required as well as some profile images of section heads (summarised brief).


After an initial recce of the two sites in Liverpool, we contacted the client with our recommendations and requirements, prior to the commencement of the shoot. Some of the areas within the plant needed some clearance work, painting and general tidying. Whenever possible I like to recce the site in question. Walking around such highly controlled sites is fascinating, often we’d walk past an area that wasn’t on the brief agenda and we’d suggest it could be used to provide a great background or setting for portraits etc. The vast major of any client contact before the shoot is to outline and agree the areas identified as prospective areas to work in.
On the day of the shoot we took appropriate PPE and undertook a site induction. We were accompanied by the client, we always encourage the clients to get involved as their investment in the project is key to gaining the best possible images. Often we’ll we ask questions about gaining access to higher (limited) vantage points or possibly restricted areas of the plant and if we can explain the value of the effort required, we usually aren’t denied.
Due to the highly explosive nature of some of the areas around these sites, we were restricted to the photographic kit we were able to take around with us. This was especially true around the chemical storage containment spheres. In this highly restricted area even using normal cameras, (and given the right concentration of flammable gas or vapour in the atmosphere) could present a potential ignition source with devastating consequences. So one of our chaperones was always at hand to monitor and alert us to the danger should the readings suggest a build up, in which case we’d leave the area with immediate effect.
Here’s a small gallery of images from the final set provided to the client.

Tear sheets & client feedback

Innospec – ‘The photos are great – really pleased’