John Sutch Cranes - photography case study


Client: John Sutch Cranes

Project: St Georges Hall, Liverpool

The brief:  Restoration is planned to commence on St Georges Hall in Liverpool. We require images demonstrating John Sutch's involvement  in this project. They'll be used in case studies and for general use within our marketing library. Photography is needed to document the lifts that will be required to support a safe working platform being assembled on the roof. Please capture the crane in operation and any other creative features that you see along the way. A wider shot of the crane in operation as seen from an adjacent building would be great.

Execution : We arrived early to site and introduced ourselves to the site foreman to advise them of our role in the project and to seek a more detailed account of the works and any restrictions to access we're likely to encounter. We spoke about the timescales involved and the stages that the project would unfold over. The main works took a little while to get underway, but that gave us some thinking time to walk the site to scope out some good vantage points. Once underway it was simply a case of keeping clear of the activity, but close enough to capture the action. The guys on site were very accommodating, allowing us access to the roof and other higher vantage points. Whilst on site we were introduced to Matt from Purcell Architects and have since worked together on their Liverpool based projects. Once the majority of the images had been captured, we explored getting access to one of the overlooking high rise buildings, We spoke to a friendly hotel manager who provided access to a room window that over looked the crane operation. To me this image turned out to be one of the highlights of the shoot, as you can clearly see the height of the crane and the difficulty of access that John Sutch Cranes were overcoming.

Results: Below a reduced selection of final images provided to the client.

Client feedback: 

"Thank you very much for these. On first look through I am really pleased with them and my head is now buzzing about how to use them in lots of different ways!!" - M. Stothard - John Sutch Cranes