Longley Group - construction photography case study


Client: Longley Group - Concrete Block and Beam flooring

Location: Ingwood Residential Homes - Horbury

The brief: Capture images of beam and block flooring being installed. Beam and block close ups. Wide shots of the installation of beams, including equipment and people. One of the images will be used on a panel for an exhibition (5m wide x 2.5 high) so we need to get good wide angle landscape shots, as well as some portraiture.

Execution: Compared to what we're used to working on this was quite a small construction site, however that said it was definitely one of the friendliest we've ever had the pleasure of the working on. A short and concise site briefing and we were into the project. The closely knit team of construction workers gelled extremely well together and it was easy to slip into their banter. They provided a very fun shoot and were relaxed in front of the camera from the get go.  We set up a small time-lapse camera (see below), not that the client required the footage, but it's always great to a build come together so quickly. The weather kept us guessing about what it really want to do, so we saw everything from bright sunshine to hard hail. All the images were shot using available light, with only a couple of 'staged' images, although we like to call them 'paused' photos as we didn't arrange any of them. They were captured just as they happened. We were conscious that they'd be used in large format printing, so we concentrated on providing 'editorial' style images using the horizontal beams to provide natural framing and areas to drop text into later.


This is a short selection from the final images provided to the client.

Client reaction & Tear sheets

"I've had a look at the images and I think they are great thanks, a good range." 

The client was thrilled to use them at their trade show stand and even sent a picture of them in-situ.


Here's the 'behind the scenes' time-lapse for your enjoyment.