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Clinical trials & Pharmaceutical photography

Clinical research & pharmaceutical companies rely on good marketing images if they're going to attract volunteers onto pharmaceutical drug trials, it's their life blood.

Pharmaceutical Trial Photography

Click the above image to see more from the shoot.

Over the previous few months I’ve been working closely with a healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing agency to pull together a photo-shoot for International pharmaceutical and clinical trials company Quotient Clinical.

Brief Intro

Because of the requirement to use the images widely and publicly, using real study volunteers was going to be almost impossible to co-ordinate/organise/consent and we couldn’t in future guarantee that the volunteers wouldn’t withdraw there consent for use, so the decision was taken to use professional models. In collaboration with the client, models were chosen that reflected real world volunteers and ticked all their target demographics. An emphasis was placed on choosing models that looked like real people rather than the usual ‘super-models’ that we typically see in the magazines. In all the shoot consisted of 7 models each playing a different role on set.

An extensive shoot list was formulated and prioritised to make the most of the time available. Time is always short in busy clinical facilites, the sooner you can get the photography finished the sooner they can get their paying studies running. The client had ring-fenced a full day in the ward area, so we couldn’t afford to waste time and planned the shoot to maximise the time allowed.

Having worked for many years as a research – forensic and healthcare/clinical photographer, I have an almost unparalleled experience in photographing in scientific and clinical environments. This is what sets me aside from other commercial photographers and being able to draw upon this experience can save clinical and pharmaceutical companies many hours and avoid costly re-shoots.

From a photographers point of view, working with experienced professional models makes the shoot go a great deal smoother, as I’m not having to coax and cajole real patients/volunteers into what feels like un-natural positions. Also using multiple pro-models allows us to more quickly from one senario to another, thus we were able to cover the vast majority on the shoot list. It was a long day, but the shoot was a great success.

We got some great images due to good planning and pre-shot preparation, feel free to have a look at some of the behind the scenes footage. Be warned: it’s not quite up to BBC standards.

BTS clinical shoot

Click the image above to see the BTS stills.

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