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We offer professional commercial photography services

If you are looking for a local commercial photographer in Leeds, Greg Harding Photography can help you. We have almost 20 years experience of professional photography across a broad range industry sectors or the highly recognised qualifications.

What we offer to businesses in Leeds

It’s about the many clients who are all happy to say that we have created bespoke images which have had a clear and positive impact for them. If you are looking for an outstanding commercial photographer in Leeds who has a strong understanding of what makes this city and your organisation tick, then click here to find out more.

Leeds is an exciting city; a diverse range of businesses and organisations blend with attractive leisure opportunities and outstanding health and education establishments. Which means that if you are looking for a commercial photographer who is as comfortable working with biotechnology laboratories and university students as they are with construction sites and hospital staff, Greg Harding Photography is the ideal choice.

We offer commercial services to many sectors, however the vast majority of our clients enjoy our specialist photographic services. Our specialisms include but are not limited to; science, healthcare, research, education, construction and automotive photography. We work alongside your marketing team or marketing agency to develop first class innovative images that set your brand apart from all others. We have a proven track record of delivering images that exceeds the brief and clients expectations.

Our clients use these images in advertising and marketing campaigns. We have a keen vision for advertising photography, routinely shooting images for high impact or double page spreads. We work with design teams to leave negative space within the image, pre-designed for typography and other graphic elements which when finalised with the advertising copy, results in a campaign that not only has immediate massive impact, but allows the message to carry clearly.

No matter how many marketing people or graphic designers your company has, we’ll slot right in and become one of the team working towards your creative photography goals.


What if it’s raining on the day of the shoot?

A few days before the photography shoot, we’ll be looking at the forecast for your area. Depending on the content of your shoot there may be some interior and exterior images required. If the weather looks likely to be poor in the morning we’d seek to adjust the shoot timings to coincide the exterior work with the better weather in the afternoon and concentrate on the interiors in the morning. If there’s no breaks in the weather or if the shoot requires a good sunny day, we’d look to re-schedule the shoot for you at no extra cost.

Will I own the copyright of the images?

We understand that owning Copyright allows you ultimate control of the image (even selling and distributing to other companies if you wanted to), however owning copyright is expensive as it restricts the photographer from future use of the images for their own marketing and promotion. Therefore we prefer to use a licensing model.  With a license you’ll be able to do everything you want to do to marketing your business as completely as you can. The only limitation of our license model is ability to sell or give away the images to a 3rd party business or company. So unless you want to sell the images in a stock library of give them away to a similar business, we believe the licensing model is a much cheaper and far more satisfactory agreement to removing the rights from the photographer. The license limitations and ultimate cost is defined by a combination of 3 factors: number of images, duration of use and distribution.


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