Commercial Photography

Good commercial photography is more than just someone with a fancy camera and a good understanding of how to best light a room. It’s about a professionally qualified and highly experienced photographer who works closely with you and your team to create bespoke images that – quite simply – make you stand out from the rest.

We work with all sizes of business; local, national or international and on large international campaigns as well as smaller one off marketing or advertising shoots. We are highly adaptive in style so, whether if you're trying to match your previous imagery or if you're trying to rebrand, we can craft our style to satisfy the pickiest marketing professional or to 'wow' the most hard nosed CEO.

Event photography

We offer a highly tailored photographic service. We'll meet with you prior to the shoot and discuss your photographic needs. We'll work with you to tailor a brief that fits your marketing goals and most importantly deliver on our promises. Promptly, efficiently and without fuss. You'll find as all my clients do, that working with GHP is like having a new member on your team. We fit in and work seamlessly to provide your photographic needs.

We have unparalleled experience working in many commercial sectors.

We offer personalised Commercial Photographer Services

Manchester is a vibrant city, with a wealth of businesses and organisations all working hard to develop their own style and to stand out from their respective competitors. Greg Harding Photography is no exception. If you are looking for an outstanding commercial photographer in Manchester that knows as much about creating high-quality images as he does about this city, then keep scrolling to find out more.


How far will you travel?
Although we're based in Manchester, we regularly work with clients nationally and internationally, so if you have facilities that are further afield than the North West we can still help.

Will you help us put a brief together?
Absolutely. We find that being involved early in the creative process allows us to truly understand your company's marketing goals. We'll take the time to meet with you prior to the shoot, go through your ideas and help you visualised them. We provide a reccy service and we'll look at the areas you're considering and provide some feedback on areas that require attention prior to the shoot taking place. We'll be able to give you a good idea of what's possible and what's not whilst walking around with you. We ask lots of questions about your business in order to understand the message you're trying to tell your customers. The better we understand of your business objectives, the clearer we're able to convey these messages through the images captured.

Will you shoot video as well?
If part of the brief is to shoot either time lapses or video, provision will be made to incorporate these elements. I don't routinely shoot video without an agreed storyboard or without the direction from the client, but video can be incorporated into a shoot if required.

How much involvement will you need from us?
You can have as much or as little involvement in creating the images as you'd like. Generally my clients like me to initially take the lead and direct the shoot, organise the scene and provide direction for the models/staff members. Once you see the shot coming together, you'll be encouraged to provide your thoughts into the creative mix. We work collaboratively to ensure the brief is being met. However if you don't have the time or get pulled away we're more than happy to full-fill the brief without direction.

What if we don't like the images?
Honestly. This has never happened. We work collaboratively with you throughout the creative process. On the day of the shoot you'll be invited to comment and provide feedback on the various shots as we capture them. The brief is interpreted by the photographer, however, the vision of how the image finally looks rests with you the client, so we don't move on to the next setup until you're happy that we've captured everything you need. We believe that working with you alongside the shoot, there won't be any nasty surprises.

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