Construction Time-lapse

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Construction Time-lapse photography

Whilst working at the Carrington Power Station, one of the milestones for this phase of the construction was the first delivery of some very large and heavy machinery and equipment by barge via the Manchester ship canal. This unique method of delivery keeps the heavy loads off of the roads and minimises the environmental impact transporting this type of equipment can have. This was the first barge delivery to the Manchester site and Greg Harding Photography was on hand to capture the event.

The weather proved an exceptionally difficult factor in this capture, keeping the lens clear of water and the camera dry was perhaps the most difficult part with this job.

Here's a little 'behind the scenes' video footage of the time-lapse set up.

Half way through, after a particularly heavy downpour I was almost convinced to pack up and call it a day. Something told me to keep going and we were very lucky to be blessed with a beautiful sunset as a reward for our efforts. It was well worth the wait and so long as the camera's dry and we're wet, it doesn't matter too much.

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