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GT Radial / Official European Photographer

The tail-end of last year saw global tyre manufacturer GT Radial, commission Greg Harding Photography for a quick one-off corporate photography session. The purpose was to create 'character driven' portrait images for use on the website and for a press release profile to mark the new appointment. The brief consisted of creating images that would showcase the new European Director and provide images that would capture his personality and character. Up until now the only images they had, had been captured by an enthusiastic amateur and they were unsuitable for use on GT Radial's corporate website and professional marketing literature.

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I travelled to GT Radial headquarters in Manchester and had a quick 5 min conversation with the director about his background and his approach to business. During this period that I studied his facial expressions and mannerisms, as with most professional portraits the majority of time on the shoot is spent building a relaxed and easy rapport with the client and then creating a look that suits their style.

The shoot took about 20 mins (about the length of a coffee break) and took place in a spare meeting room (not a large room by any means), but what was more important was the reduction in down-time for this very busy director.

Since that initial introduction to the company, we've photographed the majority of the European team and created new images for their new truck tyre remould range.

GT Radial have been very pleased with the quality of images and service offered and I am pleased to confirm that they've named Greg Harding Photography as their Official European Photographer.

We've since been working closely with the marketing heads at GT Radial to support the existing marketing strategy and to develop new images that will further enhance the European division's activities.

There's some very exciting commercial projects coming up this year, so check back soon for more news.

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