Creating a ‘Hero’ shot

How to build a ‘Hero’ shot.

Thanks very much for joining me back on the blog. A question sent to me recently, How do I build a ‘Hero’ shot?

So, first of all, you will need to know what a ‘Hero’ shot is. And it is kind of a general term used by the industry to say it is a shot that is absolutely all about one category. It is a fantastic shot that you are going to use on your marketing and your advertising. This is going to be the shot that you keep going back to and you keep referring your clients to. A photographer will take many, many shots throughout a shoot. But, there will be one overriding shot that actually makes your front page. If you were to put a picture on a front page of a newspaper, that is going to be your ‘Hero’ shot. And so, all the other ones pale in comparison and you need to build a ‘Hero’ shot. It has to talk about a story. It has to talk about the area that you are in. It has to talk about the person that is working there. It has to be a particularly strong image.

Most websites they have categories at the top. So, there will be this nice square, then there will be this big picture running along the top. It is sort of a letterbox sort of shape. What I tend to do is think about the shape and think about when I am walking around how that is going to translate into the environment I see. And, generally speaking, I look to create a bit of space off to the right-hand side or the left-hand side. I off-set the picture. And so the focus is more, or the person or the activity is more off to one side so you can actually drop text in on the other side. So, they can use that in their marketing and create that ‘Hero’ shot. So, when you are walking around just keep in your mind that sort of letterbox shot or that letterbox ratio. And think about how when you are photographing them, how you would build that in. Usually straight lines work very nicely, so look for a background. Don’t go for anything crazy with crazy angles because that very rarely works. But, something very flat and straight and then build it off to one side so then they have areas to drop text into. So, thanks very much for your question. If you have got anymore, I would love to hear from you. Drop them in the box below and I will come back to you. Thanks very much.

Here’s some examples of Hero shots for advertising.

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