DNA personalised art

hello world!

Picture your inner science geek, art doesn't get anymore personal than this.

I was just drifting around the internet and stumbled upon a great looking website for anyone interested in blending photography and science. Nothing better in life, than when passions get fused into something special and this has the hall marks of just that.

Images courtesy of www.dna11.com

Consider owning a uniquely personalised artwork of your very own DNA!! What uber science geek could resist? Hang it on the wall and say "that's me that is"

The process patented and developed by DNA11 - will take DNA from a cheek swab kit and perform an electrophoretic analysis on it. They'll then image your DNA sequences and transform them into beautiful art.

Check out the demo video:

Uniquely, cool and makes your inner science geek pop. Ticks all my boxes. I wish I'd thought of this when I was working at the Forensic lab, I might have had a different business by now.

What do think, does it appeal to you or is it just me? If (like me) you must have one, then you're in luck. I've managed to organise a great discount for GHP readers and followers. Order online and quote 'GREGHARDING' in the promo-code and get 25% off your purchase. How cool is that!

I'd love to know your thoughts and if you've seen anything similar, comments and suggestions below. Till next time.