Every geek has his day

hello world!

Hey there, by now I'm sure you understand that I'm a 'geek' at heart when it comes to all things science, research and photography orientated. So there's nothing I love more than being within a lens length of cutting edge tech. Back in November the Science and Technology Facilities Council threw their doors wide open to a Photowalk around their premises at their various sites across the UK. The Photo-walk was to encourage a good many photographers to show off their skills and compete in a photography competition for regional and overal prizes. I jumped at the chance to see what cool tech they had at their Daresbury facility and grabbed my camera and took off to see what great images their tech would inspire.

Personally it was just seeing the tech that intrigued me, the photography bit was a bonus. Coming from a science, research and medical background I'm fascinated by the advancements in technology and on the photowalk I spent a great deal of time asking the staff lots of 'what's that do and why?' questions. Of course I took some photographs too, but to me understanding the process or the 'why' behind the tech is key to getting images that will stand up to the scrutiny of the scientific community and that has enough creative 'pop'to satisfy the laymen amongst us.

Well, I must have done something right as I was recently awarded the title of Regional Winner for the Daresbury Lab. Woohoo.

Of course, you might claim I should have expected to do well, but photo competitions are an art form in themselves and you just never know what the judges are looking for in the images. In fact I submitted 5 images and the one that won to my mind isn't the strongest of the collection, so it just shows you what I know when it comes to judging.

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If you missed the images from Daresbury STFC, below is the winning image as well as a few of the other images taken on the walk.