FORD Electric Charging with GeniePoint

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Car charing point
PR shoot for Ford UK and GeniePoint

A recent PR shoot for MindWorks Marketing’s Client – Ford GB took me to the Boat Museum in Ellesmere for a blustery and cold photography shoot.

I was asked to cover a PR event that involved FORD electric vehicles gaining access to the GeniePoint electrification network.

It's January, threatening rain, gusty and bone-chillingly cold, a perfect day for shooting outside... I went layered up, but the worst thing about shooting outside in single-figure weather is my fingers tend to seize up. Turning the tiny camera controls becomes almost impossible. I wish camera manufacturers built heated grips into their bodies...anyway that's a suggestion for another time.

Our company representatives; Dee from GeniePoint and Tim from Ford UK were absolute troopers. Great thanks to them for putting up with the cold and putting on a brave face in difficult conditions.

The wind is unfriendly when considering people photography on-location. The winds were whipping around blowing hair all over the place, as well as putting some real bite into temperatures. So whilst they weren't needed in between shots, I encouraged them to put on their coats or shelter in a car for warmth.

Once I'd covered the initial photography brief, I then captured some creatively lit, more dramatic vehicle shots to highlight the electric car at the charging point.

Lastly, thanks go to Lee the Ford Mach-E GT Driver. He prepped the car before the shoot, cleaning all the road dirt off prior to the shoot, and even provided another pair of eyes on the traffic whilst I was standing in the road taking pictures.

Here are some examples that FORD and GeniePoint will be using when they release the news.

News Articles: below are screenshots of how the Electric vehicle industry is using the new marketing imagery.

If you've got any automotive photography work you'd like captured I'd love to hear from you.