GHP+V wins national photography award

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EEF Manufacturing Photography Competition 2018

Professional winner of the 'Future Technology' category 2018

Future Technology @Brooks LifeSciences

This year's finale of the EEF manufacturing photography competition was held 20th November 2018, at the historic Church House in London’s Westminster. The shortlisted finalists, guests of honour and sponsors all gathered to admire the shortlisted entries from this year's national photographic competition.

The EEF manufacturing awards have been running for a few years, but I only became aware of it last year and at that time it was too late to enter. Having viewed the previous year's entries I could see the standard was extremely high and it attracted national participation.  It’s widely felt that even getting shortlisted is a fine achievement on its own, so this year I was determined to try.

I rarely take the opportunity to enter photography competitions as the majority of the photography competitions are aimed at 'prettier, photogenic' sectors such as wildlife, landscapes, and weddings, so I was pleased to find a the competition sat nicely within my main specialisms of construction and industrial photography and that was actively promoting British manufacturing. I feel that this sector has so much potential and thoroughly enjoy working to create images from areas that others would just walk by. The challenge is to see past the often dirty nuts and bolts and to create images that can astound and promote the great work that the businesses I work with undertake.

With all photography competitions, you’re at the mercy of the judging panel and what they might consider is worthy of shortlisting. Thankfully 3 of my submitted images showed sufficient merit to do just that, so I attended the invitation-only awards evening with 3 good chances.

These are the shortlisted images below:

It was a great surprise that one of the images was chosen to be the winner of the 'Future Technology' category.

Here's what the judges had to say about the image: "This futuristic image really stood out to the judges. It has been brilliantly framed and has a strong use of lead lines along with a nice symmetry of colour."

Along with the other winners from the other categories, the winning images will be given high-profile coverage, with opportunities to see them showcased across the country including the government’s Great Britain campaign.
The winning images will be displayed at the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards 2018 Gala Dinner, EEF National Manufacturing Conference & Dinner 2019 and a showcase of the best images will be used in our print media and public relations activity. They'll be used to educate and redefine the public perception of manufacturing and are expected to be displayed at some of Britain’s biggest and busiest railway stations managed by Network Rail.

So keep your eyes open and send me a picture if you see them anywhere on your travels.

Take a look at the other entries and check out the other winners here.

We're super excited to have been lucky enough to win, but I share this accolade with my clients who are responsible for the real work in manufacturing. I hope to work more in this sector, so if you have a project and think I can assist, just drop me a contact and let's talk.