Hughes Safety Showers

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Original shot

A photography commission earlier this year saw us capturing images for their new 'zero power cooling system' safety product. Targetted at hot climate clients, such as in the Middle East, the solar radiation heats the water within the pipes of the safety shower to dangerous levels. The product provides a 'zero power' solution to cooling the stored water volume prior to its use in an emergency out on construction and industrial sites.

We've been working with the US owned Hughes Safety for the last few years and previous photo shoots have been very well received by the clients both in the UK and on the other side of the pond.

Most of the work is captured at the UK headquarters, where its manufactured prior to dispatch. The difficulty with working in most client locations is managing the existing lighting and we invariably set up our own professional studio lighting, building a make-shift studio around the product in question.

This shoot was no different, however, we paid special attention to lighting its surfaces. The metallic black surface of the heat exchanger is awkward to light as it both absorbs lots of light and can reflect the light aggressively. This results in burning out detail and losing texture. Using controlled directional light we provided specular highlights which allowed the material texture and construction detail of this important feature to stand out. Controlling the light was very important as the highly reflective white surface of the shower below would be easily lost if the lighting was allowed to hit the surfaces directly, causing hot spots and lighting flare.

The clients' feedback has been very positive and they've since used the images extensively on their sales and marketing platforms, see examples below.

Hughes understands the importance of good imagery for use of their website, datasheets and social media platforms, so we continue to work alongside them to provide imaging support to their marketing team.

We love working with challenging products and excel at lighting on-location, so if you've got a product that requires our professional touch, please get in touch.