Industrial Photographer and Videographer

For clients in Manchester and the surrounding North West region we deliver high quality industrial photography or construction photography for all marketing or advertising purposes. We provide award-winning and experienced industrial photographers to clients in the industrial and construction sectors.

We provide expertise in product photography, on-location or on-site construction and engineering photography.

We've captured all types of industrial projects from very short turn around to many years of long term progress photography for engineering projects as diverse as steel manufacturing plants, power stations, bio-mass facilities, tyre testing & manufacture, petrochemical manufacturing and nuclear engineering . Our work covers construction and industrial projects in all the phases of production and manufacturing process.

Working alongside your marketing or project management team, we capture staff working at all stages of pre-construction, planning, surveying, concrete pouring, piling, working at height, hot works... the list goes on, typically if it's interesting or we can make it visually compelling, we'll be there to capture it for you.

Being based in the developing hub of Manchester we typically work around the North West, however we've been known to travel to cover international work as far flung as Bahrain, so you can be assured that we are able to travel and be confident that we know the best way of capturing a project of any size.

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