Innovative assisted living products

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Photographing wearable technology

Capturing images in the healthcare sector is always inspiring, not only the people that work in that sector, but also the creative devices that promise to change the world of vulnerable people and assist them with living a normal life.

Working alongside Protel Health we've been capturing the stories of some of these innovative companies. We're creating content (videos and stills) for their e-commerce platform, to help market the products to a wider audience and raise awareness to those in difficult situations to the availability of these niche devices.

Recently we featured Carephone's wearable 'Pebble' device which has features jam-packed into a keychain fob. Some of these features include; GPS tracking, emergency alerts, 2 way comms and geo-fencing. These little tracking devices are aimed at providing peace of mind to parents of minors, carers of elderly or dementia patients and lone workers, but there are many other practical applications that others have found for this nifty little gadget.

Here's a few shots from the shoot and further video content to follow shortly.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this device, what other applications can you think of? Please share or post your comments below.