International location photographer... next stop Bahrain

hello world!

Back at the start of the year, we were commissioned by ESB International to produce a series of images that featured the positive aspects of working out in the Middle East - 'Bahrain' to be precise, or to be more precise the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The scope of the brief was to produce a suite of image assets that demonstrated some of the exciting engineering projects being undertaken by ESB International and to showcase the rewarding lifestyle of living and working in this great country. Part lifestyle/tourism, and construction/engineering photography this project required the seamless switching between sectors and styles to fulfill the brief.

Over just under a week of shooting, we visited some of ESB International's high profile energy generation sites scattered across the island and even visited Hawer Island off the coast of Qatar via a chartered boat. Desert's, island's, power stations, night photography and sooq's this shoot tested every inch of my creativity and experience working on location, but I love a good challenge. Dropping between pure ambient shooting and off camera flash lighting, this project was complex to complete, but also fun working with so many dedicated and talented individuals.

It was a deeply interesting shoot, to a part of the world I've never been to previously so I'm very grateful for the opportunity to experience the culture and capture images that will hopefully allow ESB International to promote themselves and recruit personnel to that region in future. Thanks to everyone for making the shoot a success.

Here's a small selection of the images captured.