Investment Casting - The Dean Group

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In the North West region, we are fortunate to have a thriving presence of industrial and manufacturing enterprises. Manchester holds its industrial legacy in high regard, continuing to provide global expertise in industrial, manufacturing, and engineering capabilities.

Based in Manchester the Dean Group stands out, catering to renowned global brands with specialised foundry services. With nearly 50 years experience, they are known for their expertise, they excel in producing top-notch investment castings of un-rivalled quality.

For those not familiar with Investment Casting (that was me too before this shoot) here's a layman's break-down of the process.

The process begins with a meticulously fashioned wax model of the desired item. This wax rendition is then cocooned in a ceramic slurry and dipped into a fluidised bed of extremely fine sand. When heated to just the right temperature the waxy form melts away to be reclaimed. The shell, now hardened, is ready to embrace molten metal. With a burst of heat, the wax is lost forever, replaced by the molten metal that takes its place – a true transformation from one state to another.

Watch the video we produced alongside the stills to see the process in action.

This was a fascinating shoot, my inner child loved seeing the transformation and seeing molten metal being poured is always a thrill to watch, at least it is for me.

You can see from the product photography below, the amazing quality that is captured via the wax model and the superior finish on the cast product.

More details about the Dean Group and it's capabilities can be found at their website.