Maximise your construction story

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Onsite construction photography is one of the most effective ways you can keep all your interested parties, well …, interested.

Investors, employees, local communities; not everyone will read written updates, but they’ll all get an instant impression from a well taken image. Keep the story alive for them with a specialist construction photographer as part of the team.

Civil engineering photo
The power of construction photography

Let me tell you how it worked on this project…

Three years; 10,000 images; one happy client.

ESB, the Irish energy company asked us to document the building of a new power plant in South Manchester. It was a three year project and as well as progress and key milestones, we needed to photograph some of the technical aspects of the development.

We worked with their marketing team and the site project managers to plan the shoots. Capturing major milestones in a creative way was part of our brief and some of these (materials delivery by barge, installation of turbines, lifting the stacks into place) were covered with stills, time-lapse, aerial photography and video.

The resulting images played an important part in meetings with shareholders and were also used by their marketing and PR team. Employees and other stakeholders could see the project progress with images and explanations in their internal magazine.

Who do you need to keep updated and enthused?

If you have a construction or engineering project coming up or even underway and you don’t have photography in your plan, get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk you through my approach.

Greg Harding