On-location product photographer

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We routinely work on location capturing industrial and manufacturing imagery for many differing sectors. Inevitably manufacturing clients require product photography in a studio style set up in order to publish them on their websites, into product brochures and to post them on social media sites so their followers are able to appreciate the range on offer.

The biggest challenge to shooting studio products on-location is finding a suitable meeting room or warehouse space to set up in. We've become adept at utilising small spaces for this purpose and carry all the necessary lighting to provide a professional look without the hire of a studio. There are of course limitations to what can be achieved without a professional studio, but generally, most products can be shot at the client's location. This is super convenient for the client, saving them time and money hiring additional professional studio space. Also, all of the products are already at their location, so it makes sense to go to where they are. We also may have more choice and flexibility in which of the products are shot, if there are any issues with the product (slight imperfections) we can access others from the location more quickly and without worrying about any studio hire overrun charges.

These are examples of product photography work completed and extracted from their original backgrounds. We've used some compositing on the plaques and tiles to include the clients' own handcrafted coloured backgrounds and created a distinctive high-end look for their brand new recyclable black plastic range.