On-location truck and bus tyre photography

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A recent commission from GITI Germany saw us traveling to European destination Dusseldorf to capture some new products that make up their truck and bus tyre portfolio. The new images will be used in their global advertising and marketing campaigns.

We spent a couple of days with various trucks and buses in locations that would make suitable backgrounds and that provided a meaningful narrative to the tyre being photographed. The only disappointment to the trip to Germany was the weather. It was very grey, dull and overcast, threatening rain most of the time. We don't have much control over weather conditions even in the UK, so we're always prepared to work in difficult lighting conditions.

After some preparation and deliberation of composition we captured and lit the tyres and truck with various studio lighting flashes. This is a technique I use to provide detail to all surfaces and to control the viewer's angle of the scene. In the post-production phase, multiple images are composited together using layers in Photoshop and the various layers are masked to reveal only the surfaces that we've lit with professional studio flash.

The resultant imagery yielded lots of high-quality composite images that brings drama and clarity to an otherwise grey and overcast day of photography.

Here are a few before and after images demonstrating the difference that good planning and professional photography techniques can make, in spite of adverse weather conditions.


If you've got a project that needs to highlight a product or service and requires expert lighting on-location, please get in touch we can help.