Peter Alderslade - British Ploughing Champion

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Photographing British Ploughing Champion

While working with Continental Agricultural Tyres capturing case study videos, part of the brief was to provide some 'Hero' style images of Peter Alderslade alongside his trusty Valtra tractor that has bought him such success.

Based in Northumberland he's an arable farmer and current British ploughing champion in the reversible class.

The images were captured on location at his farm and in a working field, using 'ambient only' photography and some mixed 'studio flash and ambient' composites to provide a dramatic high impact look.

Creating a dramatic look requires multiple flashes, layering, and masking in post-production. I love this look as I feel it really sculpts the objects and you can use the light to highlight texture, shape, and form.

Other examples of this style of work can be found on my automotive pages.

If you've got a similar project and you'd love this sort of photographic treatment get in touch.