Photographing Immunoassay Development and Manufacturer

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Repeat business is always a good sign that you've done good work and the client is happy working with you. So we were super happy that 'Biofortuna' invited us back to recapture their brand new services.

Biofortuna is an innovative life science company and has made a significant investment in its production capabilities, creating an exceptional manufacturing suite for immunoassay kits developing tests. The marketing team are extremely active on social media developing their client base and so having new images to freshen up their image library on a regular basis is key to delivering engaging content.

I love photographing in labs, there's always something cool, colourful and tech based to catch my imagination and it appeals to my inner science nerdiness turning my creativity gain to 11.

Here's a small sample of the scientific and laboratory photography we created for them. I particularly love the freeze drier image above, its rounded foreground frames the action and the lighting created in its interior provides an intensity to the scientific activity.