Private hospital photography

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Over the last few years we've worked alongside private healthcare provider SpaMedica to create imagery that represents their brand and showcases their clinical services to the general public.

We've visited a number of their newly branded hospitals and worked through some tight briefs that would be used to refresh their website and used in other promotional marketing materials.

Clinical photography
SpaMedica - Theatre staff

The image requirements were mainly focused on interior clinical spaces which would include consented patients and staff, but we also needed to show the exterior locations of some the hospitals. For this work we used predominately aerial photography. The drone photography was particularly useful to demonstrate the easy access and the large amount of surrounding space for parking. This isn't always offered at other hospitals.

The main challenge with this project was to capture patients going through the clinical procedure, without interrupting their care and in a manner that didn't raise any anxiety. Undergoing eye surgery can be stressful to patients, so our aim was to minimise our impact. Most of the patients were there for surgery to remove cataracts from their eyes, so we had to ensure that they were comfortable with having photography through this process. The patients chosen were very chilled and we used a minimal amount of equipment so we could move freely and without clutter through the clinical areas and into theatres.

We also photographed patients through check ups and follow up diagnostic procedures, this allowed us to capture the full story about how SpaMedica works to help fulfil its clinical obligations to the patients.

My many years of experience as an NHS medical photographer proved extremely useful, as I was able to converse with clinical and theatre staff to stay clear of any areas that would hinder the operation and any subsequent treatments.

It's always challenging to capture relaxed moments between staff and patients as hospitals can be a stressful and emotionally charged environment, but the people we met whilst on this project were extremely welcoming, open and caring, totally amazing. Thank you to everyone for making this project a success.

Here are a selection of images that SpaMedica are using to refresh their marketing on their new website.

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