Product photography - Sea3 Trial Frames

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product photograph
Creative image of Sea3 Trial Glasses

We received a product photography commission from an online retailer of the trial frames by Sea3. The client had been using imagery captured by themselves and whilst the images showed the product, the background was distracting and the images didn't demonstrate the product's build quality or show the viewer clearly enough the specifics of the glasses. See below for existing imagery.

We were contacted to provide high-quality images that demonstrate the details for the buyer and represent the quality of the product. A plain white, 'clinical background' was expressed as the choice to photograph them against. This would fit in with the look and feel of the website.

We shot a mixture of angles and distances as well as some close ups to allow online viewers to get an accurate understanding of the trial glasses.

After capturing the basics, I always like to push the creativity up a notch and try to provide an image that the client wouldn't normally expect. I like to switch the mood and feel of the product work and I really feel like we captured something akin to an advertising shot.

Here are a few behind the scenes images of the setup I used to capture this sort of work.

The frames were suspended on fine black cotton and removed in post. We switched out the background a few times and had a fairly elaborate lighting setup. This consisted of 4 speed-lights. Bare rear rim light to provided separation from the background, 2 gridded side skims to add highlights to the side arms, and a snooted front light on low power to pick up the specular highlights of the front of the frames.