School prospectus photography - Weatherhead High School

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I was invited to capture the educational life of Weatherhead High school to be included in their latest school prospectus. We had two very full days but managed to create some fabulous imagery for them. I had some superb feedback from the Head of school saying that they were the best set of images they've ever had taken of the students, so I'm hopeful that when the time comes around again that I'll have made a repeat client. I'm really happy with the images created, it was a super day really well organized and the students were extremely well mannered and fun to work with.

Most educational facilities can get more from their photo shoot if they organise and plan the day to cover all the activities that they'd like to feature in their school prospectus. This school, in particular, had a superb handle of their needs.

If you need any help getting the most out of your photography day, please feel free to get in touch.

Here's a selection of images captured from the school photography day.