Surgeon corporate portraits

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Photography in Manchester is always risky in terms of weather. You book a shoot and cross your fingers, hoping for good weather. With most clients, we have a fallback plan just in case the rain shows...again.
On this particular day, the rain was in full dominance, so we executed Plan B.

The main drive of the shoot was to provide a range of headshot photographs both in regular consultant attire and then in surgical blues. These would be used on a new website for a joint practice they wanted to promote.

The building we met at had 2 separate interior locations to work with; a waiting area for patients and the main consultation room. I would have liked a theatre-style location to provide a true clinical-looking environment, but that wasn't possible at this time.

I used a mixture of studio flash and ambient lighting to build up a style that worked for my client. I wanted to provide hints to a cityscape behind, but not for it to be immediately identifiable.

Given how rainy and dark it was outside there weren't any issues with matching the light levels, sometimes strong exterior light can be difficult to control, so being able to use large softboxes and shoot through umbrellas made the scene appear natural and light. 

After each set up we reviewed the images and proceeded to the next setup when we were confident that the look had been achieved.

It was still raining when I left my client, so thankfully we had an interior option.