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The Importance of Good Photography |

Admiral PR

Thanks for stopping back and checking out the latest news from Greg Harding Photography. This week we've invited top specialist PR and marketing firm Admiral into the guest chair.

Oliver Chesher, director of Admiral PR and Marketing: The importance of good photography, a PR perspective.

I’ve got a set of lovely knives at home, but I certainly don’t fancy myself as a professional chef. By the same token, we all have highly capable cameras nowadays, but the difference a professional photographer makes is still immense.

It’s great to guest on Greg’s blog, because the importance of proper photography is a message we have always communicated to clients. Like Greg, we specialise in healthcare, science and education, and we have to help our clients get the most out of their marketing and communications budgets.

Marketing, comms and PR people are all aware that you ignore the evolution of media at your peril. The boom in social media has been enabled by devices such as smartphones, most of which have very impressive built-in cameras. Almost half the images we share via Twitter are taken by an iPhone, and nearly all the pictures on Flickr have been taken by an iPhone user. Even our Admiral PR blog uses amateur snaps from time to time.

But social networking – while vital – will never become the only means of communicating, selling or managing reputation. Certainly the informal, spontaneous, peer-to-peer tone of social media platforms gives brands and organisations an exciting new means of talking to their audiences, but outside that environment the old rules still apply. When communicating in any visual way – from your website, to a press article, to a billboard, what do people perceive first and foremost?

That first impression will be made before even the first word is registered. A strong image is as powerful now as it ever was.

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