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I approach business photography and video by creating bespoke images which capture the essence of your company. I spend as much time as necessary liaising with clients to deliver meaningful and impactful content that effectively tells your story.

A good image should always engage and show the diverse aspects of your company’s journey cataloguing the past, present and future endeavours.

It’s very important to invest in your photo library as it's unique tied to your company's history and its story.

Stock vs Authenticity

Stock images that are taken from the internet can’t begin to convey individuality and are often stripped of any identifiable to appeal to a mass market.

I put the emphasis on building trust with all my clients, delivering high-quality material encapsulating your company’s personality.


To increase dwell time and reduce potential client bounce, images need to be compelling and meaningful. Showing the skill level of staff at work, the complexities involved in creating a top-notch product and the versatility of the product are at the heart of my service.

First impressions are critical and I would create content demonstrating build quality, ease of use in a realistic environment representing the essence of your business. The images I capture are easily identified to your specific customer base target. They reflect customer preferences and are tailor-made to your market.


Your staff are your business's greatest asset. So how can they help or hinder your business growth?

If you have a staff page on your website, do you have a picture style that you adhere to, or are the images just grabbed from off a phone with distracting backgrounds and questionable expressions?

Do your staff look confident, outgoing, competent? Does that picture from a recent holiday really match a business profile? Images that don't fit the professional narrative can dilute your message and lead to clients not taking your services seriously.

Scrolling through LinkedIn it is obvious who take their professional image seriously, they stand head and shoulders above those with heavily cropped party selfies. Does this represent your character when looking for a new position or should your professionalism within your current role.

Profile pictures don't have to be stuffy, boring passport-looking images. Many companies want a mixture of relaxed and professional showing character and hints of what it might be like to work with them.

Here are a few examples of the relaxed and welcoming style on offer.


I’ve built up many successful business relationships with clients locally, nationally and internationally over many years. These companies continue to use my services because I provide quality images that document and advertise their products in a unique manner.

Work alongside Trafford Golf for many years, we've built up a large video and stills image bank for almost every marketing requirement. This relationship continues to be extremely benefical for everyone involved.

I spend time and effort capturing the right image in a setting that highlights their marketing message. These business relationships are built on trust and success by increasing their companies' on-line presence through remarkable and impactful imagery.


In a saturated market, it can become overwhelming to pinpoint which photographer or videographer to choose to support your brand. I am always available to discuss your marketing goals and will always give my clients the professionalism and quality you should expect.

If you've got a project that requires professionalism and an understanding of your marketing pressures, please get in touch.