Track testing photography

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Track testing photographer

One of my photography projects over the last few months was to shoot a series of images for GT Radial at a tyre track testing day at MIRA in Nuneaton.  MIRA is short for; Motor Industry Research Association and was founded in 1946 and to this day the facility is a highly secure area. Many of the major car and tyre brands, test their prototypes on the various terrains that MIRA has to offer. Because of its high level of security I was required to be chaperoned in all the areas that I would be taking photographs in. This was to ensure I didn't take any pictures of the prototype vehicles. The day featured a mixture of high speed track testing, high speed handling, off road driving and wet track handling. These areas provided a great many creative opportunities to capture some imaginative images and to try out my newly acquired GoPro Hero 2.

track photography

Here's a small selection of images captured from the track day photography shoot.

GoPro Hero2

GoPro Hero 2 - 12MP still & HD Video

The GoPro Hero2  was bought specifically for track testing photography and I tried it out mounted to the underside of the Ariel Atom and the side wing of the M3 going through the wet handling. This little camera worked flawlessly and I was amazed that with only a suction cup for anchorage it held fast at speeds in excess of 150 mph, see below.

Here's some video footage from the Ariel

I managed to get some really unique POV video and tyre still photographs for GT Radial and have since had a few of them in printed onto wide format canvases and they look amazing. I hope you like the look of them too.

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Look out for a review on the GoPro features and performance coming to this blog soon.