Tractor Tyre photography with agriculture tyre manufacturer Continental

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Behind the scenes with Continental Tyres

It's cold, damp, typical mid-December day in the UK and we're stood in the middle of a fallow field wondering if the weather forecaster is going to right for once and the threatening rain is to blow through. For once it seems the forecaster is moderately accurate and we experience a couple of light showers, but nothing significant. English weather is great, isn't it?

We're working alongside Continental Tyres on their new agricultural tyre range the Tractor85. We're capturing image assets for the upcoming LAMMA show at the NEC on Jan 19. Continental Tyres are OE with agricultural machinery manufacturer Valtra and we are busy prepping the Valtra A series machine to make it look marketing stand worthy. Our previous creative meeting with Continental outlined a brief that tasked us with capturing images that cemented this alliance and presented their tyres in a surrounding representative of the sector.

We took full advantage of the field, obtaining a fair few different scenarios from just this one location. After the field, we moved to a local farm (obviously with permission), where we created some working style images finishing the day with some traveling on-road images. There are so many challenging factors on location, backgrounds, weather and light conditions change very rapidly and this shoot was no different. However its the excitement of pulling it all together that makes the delivery of the final images so rewarding.

Behind the scenes on the Continental / Valtra shoot.Behind the scenes on the Continental / Valtra shoot.

Here are a few finished images from the shoot, we used a mixture of ambient light and supplemented external flash to create definition, enhance the shape and reveal texture.

After the shoot, the images are layered up in Photoshop and combined using masks and adjustment layers to provide a final composition ready for the client to feedback their thoughts. I've provided a few 'before & after' shots so you can get a handle on what's would have been captured without additional lighting and layering, providing (I hope) an appreciation of the efforts that are required to create a professional finish.


Post Update: 11th March 2019

Further to the production of these image assets to Continental. Some of the images were used at the LAMMA 19 show in Birmingham (see post), but also these images have now made it to their clients' website.

These full-page images look stunning when placed in text and in context with the other image assets surrounding them.